Your Prostate is Your Life

Your Prostate is Your Life

Before you jump all over me begging to differ on the validity of my topic. Before you rudely let me know that it’s misleading … misleading because in actual fact, a man can live without a prostate. Let me inform you that I’m certainly aware of that. No, I haven’t been there and done that; much less got the t-shirt. But I do know of several men who have opted to have their prostates removed owing to some kind of disease; usually cancer, and are still alive and well several years afterwards. Moreover, they seemingly are functioning normally.

I’m touting that topic partially because according to statistics I’ve come across, only about 9% of men who have their prostates removed are able to return to a normal life. You might say “normal is relative”. But is it, really?

Of course when I say “normal life“, I’m referring largely to being able to do the things that a man should normally be able to do. Things that are expected of a man. Like being able to have a normal erection and function sexually. The remaining 91% of men who have had their prostates removed have reported poor quality of life and are often on medication for the rest of their natural lives.

Why? Because the prostate has much to do with normal life. True, every organ has much to do with normal life. Every body part has something to do with normal life. But having an arm or leg amputated will certainly affect your normal life. However, some situations are easily overcome or learned to live with, so arriving at a “new normal” can be achieved.

Either way, to demonstrate the importance of erections to a man’s normal life, let me tell you a little story. A true story.

About 7 years ago I asked an acquaintance of mine how his father was doing. I had not seen either of them for maybe 30 years. His father was fairly wealthy. He owned and managed a trucking company. My acquaintance told me sadly, that his father had passed away several years prior. That his father became impotent and was unable to have an erection. We didn’t get into the cause of his late father’s ordeal, but he did mention that his father elected to starve himself to death because of his inability to achieve an erection. He was extremely distraught to think that erections were going to be a thing of the past for him. His philosophy? Why feed an animal that’s dead? This, my friends, is why I opted to use the topic “Your Prostate is Your Life“.

First Sign

The inability to maintain an erection is often times the first sign of prostate problems. Notice I didn’t say “acquire an erection”. There are times when a man will be able acquire an erection, but maintaining it is gradually becoming a problem.

Unfortunately, at this time, many men don’t know of the connection between prostate health and erections, so they fall back on Viagra, Cialis and other such medications for assistance. Either way, don’t stress yourself too much about it. Every man will have some kind of prostate issues if he lives long enough. At least an enlarged prostate will be the experience of most men. It doesn’t mean that prostate issues will eventually be the cause of death. Not even if it results in cancer. Many men have died of other natural causes and the autopsy showed that they had prostate cancer. It’s just that it wasn’t at a stage where it had become problematic.

As a former health insurance agent myself, the one lasting scare I got from a client was when he called to find out if his health insurance plan covered a specific brand or type of diaper. I was unaware of all the benefits of his particular plan, so I transferred him to a benefits agent whose main responsibility is explaining whatever benefit questions a client might have on his particular plan. But before I transferred him, and unrequested, he informed me that the reason he wanted to find out if the specific diaper was covered by his plan, is that he had his prostate removed 4 years prior and was still wearing a diaper. That was so devastating to me.

I couldn’t imagine life wearing adult diaper. That certainly hit home to me that prostate issues are very serious issues, and if or when left unchecked, can certainly be devastating to a man and his better half. I’m saying that it could come down to not being able to perform sexually; which will certainly affect the well-being of both parties. And trust me, I’ve got plenty of horror stories to recall.

I really did feel awful for the client. I expressed my utmost empathy with him. I couldn’t imagine that he had much quality of life having to wear an incontinence brief. Maybe health insurance was not really the profession that fits me best, since I tend to feel sorry for people who are suffering for whatever reason.

That was 3 years ago, so I sincerely hope that his quality of life has improved since then, and that having to wear diapers was only a more manageable ordeal. Of course, if four years have already passed, it’s unlikely that he will return to a normal life. Still, the human being is usually able to adapt to whatever nature throws at him. He is able to adjust his lifestyle to suit. He should be able to adjust to the new normal.

It is critical that you get your annual checkups in order to know when symptoms of prostate issues have begun. If you find that you’re unable to maintain an erection for normal intercourse, you might want to nip that in the bud and check on your Testosterone. It is extremely important that you  not resort to Viagra and/or Cialis and feel like you have resolved the problem. You haven’t. If you don’t take and interest in resolving this first situation, things just spiral out of control afterwards. It might take a few years, but it will happen.

– Malcolm Holder


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