Your Prostate or Your Life

Your Prostate or Your Life

It’s All About Testosterone

Low Testosterone Can Affect Prostate Health

Men and women don’t both possess the same hormone levels. And that might be partly why men live shorter lives. Still, you can Here’s what to eat for preservation of your hormone system for as long as possible while preventing or delaying chronic illness.

Low testosterone in men is a sign that the body is beginning to wither. My intention here is to alert aging men to the consequences of low testosterone (Low T). To give you incite in finding out if yours is too low and what you can do about it before it’s too late. In short, I want to scare men into taking care of their health, their bodies and their lives.

5 thoughts on “Your Prostate or Your Life

  1. Thanks Mr. Holder, this info you have provided for all on your website is concise and inciting along with the video. It has encouraged me as a woman to want to tell every man I meet about this website and it’s info . For sure if I was a man I’d be at the Dr. quite soon for testing.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed reading the excerpt, Dee Jay. Stay tuned for lots of info. Indeed, prostate health is a serious matter, but I don’t think most men know it yet.

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